Thursday, December 6, 2007

This is Called as "Bhui Surung" (land mine as well as ballistc), usually used during Great Indian Maratha Emperor "Shivaji Maharaj" This is 20-30 centimeter in diameter. According to carbon dating they are 800 hundred years old.

Waiting for master's order to get blasted. But this is not gonna happen coz now they are part of our Indian history.

This Giant heavy weight metal ball was intact below earth for 800 hundred years. Still intact ready to serve master

They are inner material of ballistics, they witnessed history. They already proved themselves. Now cold as ICE.

Feel yourself fortunate to see this Metal ball. 30 centimeter in diameter, 8 kilogram in weight.

One Piece Disaster, 22 centimeter in diameter, 7 kilogram in weight.

Biggest Piece of after blast ever found. Carbon dating witness it as 800 hundred years old. It was my pleasure to shoot this photograph

Actual Assembly of the material used to blast and outer case. This is one of the most rare photograph you shall ever get.

Another piece of ballistic after blast

After blast remains of this land mines and ballistics, This is solid Iron piece 8-10 centimeter in thickness, You can imagine the impact

This is how they used to make platform for projectile in parallel to castle and then "Boom". Imagine how strong the platform must be absorb effect of projectile

"Bhui Surung" (Land mines) in different shapes and sizes

See the specification used in those ancient days for land mines.

Same "Bhui Surung" (Land mine)